BOOKS—Unleashed: The Phenonena of Status Dogs and Weapon Dogs

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  May/June 2013:

Unleashed:  The Phenomena of Status Dogs and Weapon Dogs   by Simon Harding The Policy Press,  U. of Bristol (c/o U. of Chicago Press,   427 East 60th St.,  Chicago,  IL 60637),  2012.    286 pages,  hardcover.  $100.60;  Kindle $23.72.

I first saw an American Staffordshire,  better known as a pit bull,  during a 1989 visit to Baltimore.  Three youths had stolen a cocker spaniel and were encouraging their three unleashed pit bulls to tear the spaniel apart alive.  The spaniel tried desperately to escape,  but was held on a short leash.  By the time I reached the scene,  the spaniel had collapsed,  possibly dead.  The youths kept kicking the remains,  and the AmStaffs kept attacking.  By the time the cops caught up with them,  they had disposed of the evidence.  They laughed in the cops’ faces:  “Man, you’ll never find that dead dog, and anyway we’re juvies––you can’t touch us.” Read more

Pennsylvania SPCA hires veteran investigator Keith Mohler

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  May/June 2013:

LANCASTER––The Pennsylvania SPCA on April 30,  2013 announced the hiring of veteran cruelty investigator Keith Mohler to cover Lancaster County.  Mohler will work from an office provided by Lancaster County district attorney Craig Stedman.  His hiring expands the Pennsylvania SPCA humane law enforcement team to 13 officers in 17 counties. Read more

Animals Australia exposes Egyptian slaughterhouses again

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  May/June 2013:

Exposing a bloody business

CANBERRA––The latest Animals Australia undercover videos of slaughter at the two Egyptian slaughterhouses authorized to kill Australian cattle showed “outrageous cruelty” that “left me and my industry colleagues disgusted and horrified,”  Australian Livestock Exporters Council spokesperson Alison Penfold told media.   Read more

Obituaries [May-June 2013]

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  May/June 2013:


“I come to bury Caesar,  not to praise him.  The evil men do lives after them.   The good is oft interred with their bones.”  ––William Shakespeare

Bowatte Indrathana Thera,  a Buddhist monk of the Porambe temple in Pelmadulla,  Sri Lanka,  died on May 26, 2013 at the Colombo National Hospital,  two days after setting himself on fire outside the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.  “The monk had been heard making a statement saying his effort was not to take his life,  but to sacrifice it,  in a bid to end cattle slaughter.  Indraratana Thera had been an active campaigner against cattle slaughter, and had launched a number of animal rights campaigns,”  Ceylon Today reported.  Added the news portal Ada Derana, “Certain media aired videos of the monk issuing demands such as putting an end to the killing of cattle for meat and Buddhists being converted to other religions.  Indrarathana Thera informed those media of his intentions before committing self-immolation,  while they recorded the incident.”  The fiery suicide,  apparently the first on record by a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk,  was followed by conflict among Buddhist factions over which would perform last rites for Indrarathana Thera.   Read more

Wolf hunting expands even as delisting from federal protection is delayed

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  May/June 2013:

WASHINGTON D.C.––”A recent unexpected delay” has indefinitely postponed the anticipated removal of gray wolves in the Lower 48 states from U.S. endangered species list protection,  Associated Press reported on May 21,  2013,  citing only “a court filing” by “government attorneys.”   Read more

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