Letters [May 2011]

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2011:

Camel Rescue Centre

Thanks so much for publishing “Camel Rescue Centre in India
is world’s first,” such an interesting and well researched article.
One important point is that the idea for the Camel Rescue Centre
originated from Janine Vogler, president of Animaux Secours in
Arthaz, France. She has always been particularly concerned about
the condition of the camels in Rajasthan, and additionally about the
poverty of the camel owners. In 2008 it was Vogler who said that she
would find the money if Help In Suffering could buy the land and
build the Camel Rescue Centre.

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People & organizations

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2006:

Horst Kleinschmidt, 60, former deputy director general of
the South African environment department and former deputy chair of
the International Whaling Commission, has joined the Sea Shepherd
Conservation Society advisory board and became a sitting member of
Sea Shepherd South Africa, Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson
announced on May 15, 2006. “In 1998, Horst was awarded the Order
of the Polar Star, First Class, and was knighted by the King of
Sweden,” Watson recalled. “In 1991, he was awarded the Bruno
Kreisky Prize for Services to Human Rights, in recognition of his
decades of struggles against apartheid in South Africa.”

The Philadelphia Zoo in early May announced that longtime
banking executive Vikram H. Dewan, 51, would succeed Pete Hoskins,
58, as executive director, effective June 12. Hoskins headed the
zoo for 13 years, after serving as the Philadelphia city streets

People & positions

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2006:

Daphne Sheldrick, founder of the David Sheldrick Wildlife
Trust elephant and rhino orphanage in Kenya, on March 4, 2006
received the Order of the British Empire. Other animal advocates who
have won the honor in recent years include Chimpanzee Rehabilitation
Association founder Stella Brewer Marsden, of Gambia (2006); Care
For The Wild founder Bill Jordan, who now heads the Bill Jordan
Wildlife Defence Fund (2005); Dogs Trust chair Clarissa Baldwin
(2003); and Animals Asia Foundation founder Jill Robinson (1998).
Compassion Over Killing on March 17, 2006 announced the
hiring of Lauren Ornelas, Viva!USA chief since 2000, as campaigns
director, and Casey Diment, a former volunteer fundraiser for the
Animal Defense League of Chicago, as development director.

Gretchen Wyler to retire

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2006:

Gretchen Wyler, 73, on December 20, 2005 announced that
she will retire after hosting the 20th annual Genesis Awards ceremony
in June 2006. The awards honor film and TV recognition of animal
issues. Involved in animal causes since 1966, Wyler founded the
Genesis Awards in 1986 as a program of the Fund for Animals,
continued the program through her own organization, the Ark Trust,
1990-2002, and then merged the Ark Trust into the Humane Society of
the U.S.

Advertising & the AV front

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 2005:

The British Advertising Standards Authority on December 6,
2005 upheld complaints against the Europeans for Medical Progress
anti-vivisection pamphlet Our Children’s Health. The Association of
Medical Research Charities and Research Defence Society argued that
Our Children’s Health includes five misleading claims, such as that
“Treatment of childhood leukemia has improved dramatically, thanks
entirely to ingenious research on cell and tissue cultures–not to
animal experiments.” Europeans for Medical Progress “supported its
claim with examples of research from the early 20th century,” wrote
Guardian science correspondent Alok Jha. “The Advertising Standards
Authority considered that ‘Readers are unlikely to regard research
conducted in the 1940s and 1950s to be recent improvements.'”

The American Association of Equine Practitioners and the
Foundation for Biomedical Research on December 6, 2005 announced at
the AAEP annual convention in Seattle that they will jointly mount a
web site to promote awareness of advances in equine and human health
care resulting from experiments on horses. Washington State
University veterinary clinical sciences chair Rick DeBowes told media
about degenerative conditions often shared by horses and humans. FBR
founder and thoroughbred breeder Frankie Trull said the joint
campaign will include “30-second television public service
announcements narrated by cowboy poet and veterinarian Baxter Black,”
along with “trading cards, bookmarks, and a barn poster,” reported
Kimberly S. Herbert, editor of the online magazine

Individual Compensation

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 2005:

Individual Compensation
(Chief executives &/or top-paid staff & consultants)

Nonprofit chief executive salaries rose 2.2% in fiscal 2004,
according to a national survey by the Nonprofit Times. Fundraisers’
salaries rose 15%, said the Association of Fundraising Professionals.
The Pay column below is information taken from the IRS Form
990 filings of those organizations listed in “Who gets the money?”
that have filed Form 990. Since balance sheets rarely include
equivalent data, and nations other than the U.S. do not require
public disclosure of individual compensation, no compensation data
is presented for other organizations. Pay combines salaries,
benefit plan contributions (if any), and expense accounts for the
few people who are not required to itemize expenses. Some
independent contractors such as attorneys, accountants, and
consultants are listed as well as directors and regular staff.
Included below are chief executive officers, highest paid
staff if other than chief executives, and other top-paid staff of
note, for example often quoted in news coverage, as well as close
relatives of top-paid staff who may also be in leadership positions.
Chief executives who claim no compensation are listed as
OthrIncm, short for “has other income.” Where possible, the
occupations of those who have other work are identified. Others are
most often retired, supported by a spouse, or have investment
income. Some may receive royalties and/or speaking fees.

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Hired & promoted

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 2005:

Joyce D’Silva, heading Compassion In
World Farming since 1991, retired on August 8,
2004, succeeded by former World Society for the
Protection of Animals communications director
Philip Lymbery. D’Silva continues with CIWF in
the newly created position of ambassador,
representing CIWF in foreign affairs.
WSPA has promoted two-year staffer Leah
Garc├ęs to director of campaigns, hired former
advertising executive Emma Hall as public
relations director, and added ex-British Army
Air-borne Forces officer Nigel Wilson as disaster
relief director.
The Escondido Humane Society has hired
Sally Costello, 46, to succeed former executive
director Phil Morgan, who now heads the Northern
Arizona Second Chance Center for Animals in
Flagstaff. Costello, reported San Diego
Union-Tribune staff writer Craig Gustafson, “is
a former health and safety manager for Air
Products & Chemicals Inc.,” who cofounded a
local nonprofit organization called San Diego
Community Awareness & Emergency Response.

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