ACRES awarded $19.4 million in theory

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May/June 2013:

SINGAPORE– The Singapore High Court on May 27, 2013 awarded the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society the equivalent of $19.4 million U.S. for damages resulting when the construction firm ANA Ltd. built most of the ACRES wildlife rehabilitation center on a footing of woodchips contaminated with toxic waste. This is only in theory. I doubt we will ever see the money, said ACRES chief executive Louis Ng. Singapore High Court Justice Kan Ting Chiu ruled in March 2010 that ANA Ltd. was culpable for the work, which it had subcontracted to another firm, Lok Sheng Enterprises. The problem emerged in 2007, just before the scheduled opening of the wildlife rehabilitation center. Removing the toxic material required demolishing most of the new facilities, leaving only reptile housing and a humane education center. ANA Ltd. owner Tan Boon Kwee in June 2011 pleaded guilty to multiple related criminal charges.

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