Three strikes against major poultry producers

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2006:

April 1, 2006 was the deadline by which
United Egg Producers was to complete a six-month
phase-out of egg cartons labeled “Animal Care
Certified,” by agreement with the U.S. Federal
Trade Commission in settlement of a complaint by
Compassion Over Killing that the logo was
misleading. “Consumers should now find a logo
reading “United Egg Producers Certified,”
reminds COK. “If you find egg cartons bearing
the “Animal Care Certified” logo still in stores
or see the logo advertised, please contact COK at
<>, or call 301-891-2458.”

Compassion Over Killing on April 18,
2006 won a ruling from District Judge Jayne
Duncan in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, that
undercover investigator John Brothers did not
illegally entrap Esbenshades Farms in alleged
violations of Pennsylvania cruelty laws, which
Brothers videotaped, because he was not an agent
of humane officer Johnna Seeton. After seeing
the video, Seeton filed multiple charges in
January 2006 against Esbenshade CEO H. Glenn
Esbenshade and farm manager Jay Musser.

The Royal SPCA of Great Britain was
reviewing charges against employees of the
poultry firm Bernard Matthews Ltd. as the May
2006 edition of ANIMAL PEOPLE went to press,
after a videographer for the Hillside Animal
Sanctuary in Frettenham, Norfolk, caught the
men playing “baseball” and “soccer” with turkeys
at Beck Farm in Felthorpe, near Norwich. Said
Bernard Matthews’ technical director Jeremy Hall,
“Those involved have been suspended, pending an
investigation that is likely to result in
prosecutions and dismissalsÅ We will take whatever
steps are needed to ensure such maltreatment does
not happen again.”

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