Stock shows keep kids away from drugs?

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2006:

DENVER–Eleven years after scandals over use of the banned
growth-enhancing synthetic steroid clenbuterol embarrassed livestock
shows from coast to coast, the issue is back bigtime.
Eighteen of the top 35 exhibitors at the January 2006
National Western Stock Show Junior Market Lamb competition in Denver
were disqualified, National Western Stock Show spokesperson Kati
Anderson announced on April 5, after Colorado State University at
Fort Collins pathologists “concluded that the lambs had been injected
with a substance that caused inflammation and swelling of tissue,
making the animals appear more muscular,” said Denver Post staff
writer Jim Kirksey. The symptoms describe the most readily evident
effects of clenbuterol.
The 18 exhibitors “will get neither prize money nor the
proceeds from the sale of their lambs,” and may be banned from
future National Western competitions, Kirksey reported. They may
also face charges of cruelty to animals, tampering with livestock,
attempted theft, and conspiracy, deputy district attorney Diane
Balkin told Kirksey.

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