RSPCA of Australia wins big case but loses face with activists

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2006:

“Two months after opposing Australia’s live animal export
trade for slaughter, the Royal SPCA has endorseed a large shipment
of dairy cattle from the Port of New-castle bound for Japan,” the
Australia Broadcasting Corporation revealed on April 25, 2006.
Explained Bernie Murphy, RSPCA chief executive officer for
New South Wales, “I need to emphasize the difference between live
export for breeding, and the RSPCA’s stated and continued opposition
to live export for slaughter. We consider that totally unnecessary,”
Murphy said. “We think the animals should be processed in humane
conditions in Australia.”
“I’m perplexed and utterly stunned that they have made this
exception and are supporting Livecorp,” the exporter, “when
Livecorp are also responsible for the transport of thousands of
animals to be slaughtered,” said Lynda Stoner of Animal Liberation

The controversy overshadowed the April 10, 2006 neglect
conviction of Tasmanian sheep farmer Josef Gretschmann, recently
honored for operating the best organic farm in Australia.
Gretsch-mann, of Elizabeth Town, avoided using chemicals to prevent
flystrike by allowed his flock to grow two years’ worth of wool
between shearings instead of just one.
“The RSPCA brought charges of management likely to cause pain
and suffering, saying 25 sheep were found dangerously laden with
wool,” the Australian Broad-casting Corporation reported. “The
RSPCA alleged that one sheep had fallen over and could not move, and
that Gretschmann ignored an order to shear his flock within 14 days.”
The Devonport Magistrates Court fined Gretschmann $200
(Australian funds)

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