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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2006:

Daphne Sheldrick, founder of the David Sheldrick Wildlife
Trust elephant and rhino orphanage in Kenya, on March 4, 2006
received the Order of the British Empire. Other animal advocates who
have won the honor in recent years include Chimpanzee Rehabilitation
Association founder Stella Brewer Marsden, of Gambia (2006); Care
For The Wild founder Bill Jordan, who now heads the Bill Jordan
Wildlife Defence Fund (2005); Dogs Trust chair Clarissa Baldwin
(2003); and Animals Asia Foundation founder Jill Robinson (1998).
Compassion Over Killing on March 17, 2006 announced the
hiring of Lauren Ornelas, Viva!USA chief since 2000, as campaigns
director, and Casey Diment, a former volunteer fundraiser for the
Animal Defense League of Chicago, as development director.

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