Zimbabwe/North Korea “Noah’s Ark” animal deal is reportedly cancelled due to international pressure

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2010:


HARARE–The Zimbabwean government “has aborted a wildlife
trade deal with the secretive Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea
amid widespread condemnation from pressure groups,” Bernard Mpofu of
The Independent reported on June 17, 2010.
The Independent is the largest Zimbabwean newspaper not
controlled by the Zanu-PF political party, which is headed by
Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe.
The $23,000 deal was “blocked after local and international
natural resources campaigners criticised the destined living
conditions of the animals at Pyongyang Zoo,” Mpofu said.

North Korea was to receive “elephant, giraffe, jackal,
zebra, catfish, civet, blue monkey, and spotted hyena,” Mpofu
listed. Earlier reports said that the sale was to include “two of
every species in Hwange National Park.”
The transaction was disclosed to the world on May 13, 2010
by Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force chair Johnny Rodrigues.
Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Authority spokesperson Caroline
Washaya-Moyo told Mpofu that she could neither confirm nor deny that
the sale was cancelled. Mpofu wrote that “sources said the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs has now been tasked with formally informing North
Korea of Zimbabwe’s decision to cancel the deal. The wildlife
authority said it was considering applications from five other
countries willing to buy Zimbabwe’s wildlife,” Mpofu added.

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