Sammi & Becca

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2010:
(Actual press date November 3.)
EDINBURGH–Sammi and Becca, a pair of five-month-old Red
River piglets, a species native to Africa, were killed in January
2010 at the Edinburgh Zoo. Their deaths came to light in October
Edinburgh Zoo head keeper of hoofstock Kathleen Graham said
when Sammi and Becca were born on August 14, 2009 that she was
“thrilled” that the zoo’s Red River pigs had bred for the first time
since 2004, and hoped that “this is the first of many contributions
our Red River pigs make to the breeding program.” But Sammi and
Becca were killed after the European Association of Zoos & Aquaria
informed the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland that Red River pigs
are overabundant in captivity.

“When three more baby piglets were born in June 2010,”
noted Victoria Raimes of the Edinburgh Evening News, “the zoo did
not refer to the previous pair, but proudly stated that it was
“delighted that for a second year our adult pair has produced
piglets.” A zoo spokesperson told Raimes that “The three piglets we
currently have at the zoo will remain here as long as it is viable to
do so. We have no plans to euthanise them at this time.”

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