Greyhound neglect case

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2010:
(Actual press date November 3.)

Though dog breeder neglect cases seem to surface about as
often in Missouri as snags along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers,
the case on television as voters went to the polls on November 2,
2010 was neither in Missouri nor a puppy mill case. It was, however,
one of the worst cases of racing greyhound neglect on record.
Responding to complaints from neighbors about vile odors,
sheriff’s deputies in Washington County, Florida, on the evening of
October 29 found 33 dead greyhounds and four more close to death,
three with duct tape wrapped around their necks that constricted
their breathing. Trainer Ronald John Williams, 36, of Ponce De
Leon, was charged with 37 counts of felony cruelty to animals.
Sheriff’s deputies in nearby Walton County on Halloween found
another eight dead dogs near Williams’ home.
The Florida Department of Business & Professional Regu-lation
revoked Williams’ pari-mutual license on election day. Williams had
reportedly been fined 12 times for various violations since 1994.

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