SHARK flying videocam

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2010:
SHARK, a longtime pioneer of the use of both video and
aviation to investigate and expose animal abuse, on June 15, 2010
unveiled “Angels for the Animals,” a squadron of remote-controlled
helicopters in development for about six months, funded by Bob
Barker, longtime host of The Price Is Right and other television
game shows.
“Because of the cowardly nature of animal abusers, cruelty
often occurs unseen on private property or otherwise away from public
access. The air, however, is open to the public, with certain
restrictions,” said SHARK founder Steve Hindi. “Armed with high
definition video and still cameras, the Angels will expose animal
abuse as never before. Abusers will no longer be able to hide away
in woods or behind fences. Our cameras will catch them.”

SHARK in the 1990s made extensive use of paragliders, but
they proved more useful in drawing attention to protests than in
collecting video documentation. The “Angels” provide a much more
stable platform for videograpy, and today’s technology permits
transmission of video images while the “Angels” are still in the air.

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