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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2008:

Prince Charles of Britain “has shown his
distaste for the cruelty involved in making foie
gras by banning it from his residences,”
reported Valerie Elliot of the London Times on
February 28, 2008. “He instructed chefs
several months ago that they were no longer to
buy or serve the pâté,” wrote Elliot. “He has
also said that he will review the royal warrant
given to a shop near his Highgrove home which
sells it. His views,” surprising in view of
Prince Charles’ lifelong participation in captive
bird shooting and fox hunting, “were disclosed
in a letter to Joyce Moss, an activist with
Vegetarian International Voice for Animals,”
Elliot said.

The Royal SPCA of Great Britain on
February 20, 2008 named as new chief executive
28-year RSPCA employee Mark Watts. Watts
succeeds Jackie Ballard, a former Member of
Parliament who servcd five years before leaving
in mid-2007 to head the Royal National Institute
for the Deaf. Ballard succeeded Peter Davies,
who became director general of the World Society
for the Protection of Animals.

Bob Barker, 84, who retired in 2007
after 50 years hosting TV game shows including
The Price Is Right, on February 6, 2008 donated
$1 million to his alma mater, Drury University,
to fund an animal ethics program. Barker has
also funded pro-animal programs at Harvard,
Columbia, Northwestern, Duke, Stanford,
Georgetown, and UCLA.

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