Mauled tiger rescuer gets a job offer

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2008:
KOLKATA–The Compassionate Crusaders Trust has offered a job
to Ashutosh Dhali, 45, of Deulbari, West Bengal, who was severely
mauled on February 18, 2008 while checking to see if forest guards
had properly tranquilized a female tiger who had been treed by a
rock-throwing mob.
“Forest guards encircled the tree with a net,” the Times of
India reported, “but the locals set the tree on fire,” causing the
tiger to flee.

Said Dhali, “With my neighbours Lalit Naskar and Gobindo
Saradas, I gingerly approached the palm tree on which the tigress
had perched. She was not moving, so we thought the tranquilzer had
taken effect. We tied a rope around her legs and pulled her down.
The moment she touched the ground, she stood up with a
blood-curdling roar and leapt at us.” After Dhali was injured, the
mob reportedly also stoned and injured five forest guards.
“Asutosh Dhali risked his life to save a tigress. Praising
him is not enough. We want to do something that will be meaningful
to him and his family,” said Compassionate Crusaders Trust founder
Debasis Chakrabarty.

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