Chimp Haven ordered to return chimps to Primarily Primates

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2008:
SAN ANTONIO–Bexar County Judge Michael Peden on February 15,
2008 ordered Chimp Haven, of Keithville, Lousiana, to return to
Primarily Primates seven chimpanzees who were transferred to Chimp
Haven in November 2006, while Primarily Primates was temporarily in
court-appointed receivership.
The chimps are the survivors of a colony of nine formerly
kept by Ohio State University researcher Sally Boysen, who were
retired by OSU to Primarily Primates in February 2006, with an
endowment for their housing and upkeep. Boysen and PETA opposed the

Two chimps died from pre-existing heart conditions soon after
arrival at Primarily Primates.
PETA subsequently funded an unsuccessful lawsuit that sought
to move the survivors to Chimp Haven, and forwarded allegations from
two former Primarily Primates employees–both fired for cause–to the
Texas Office of Attorney General, leading to the court-appointed
receivership. The receivership temporarily blocked a merger of
Primarily Primates with Friends of Animals.
The Texas Office of Attorney General dropped the case and
ended the receivership on May 1, 2007, allowing Friends of Animals
to assume the management of Primarily Primates. A PETA appeal was
rejected in January 2008.

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