Animal obits

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2008:

Indy, a cattle dog belonging to Evan Levine, 17, of Flint
Township, Michigan, suffocated on February 3, 2008 when caught in
a Conibear trap that was illegally set in the garden of the Temple
Beth El synagogue, despite Evan’s father Pete Levine’s efforts to
force the trap open.

Trucker, 3, a Labrador/pit bull terrier mix kept by Holly
Grant of Anchor-age, Alaska, suffocated in January 2008 in a
Conibear trap set beside Powerline Pass Trail, despite Grant’s
efforts to free him.

Cupcake, a border collie belonging to Filip Panusz of
Missoula, Montana, suffocated in March 2007 in a Conibear trap set
near the Valley of the Moon trailhead. Panusz had adopted Cupcake
from the Deer Lodge Humane Society four months earlier.

Zephyr, a pit bull mix belonging to Gail Murphy of Sag
Harbor, New York, suffocated in December 2005 in a Conibear trap
set alongside a hiking trail in Southampton Town’s Long Pond
greenbelt. Murphy was unable to free him. She had adopted Zephyr in
2004, after he was evacuated from the hurricane-damaged Humane
Society of the Grand Bahamas to the Brookhaven Animal Shelter.

Conibear and leghold traps, almost impossible to open by
prying against their jaws, can be opened relatively easily by
simultaneously depressing the levers, tabs, or “ears” on either
side of their jaws.

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