Letters [Dec 2005]

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 2005:

Irish greyhounds

I am concerned that people reading your November 2005 article
“How Irish dog racers muzzle humane critics” will think that Limerick
Animal Welfare takes money from the Irish Greyhound Racing Board, or
that we in some way support the greyhound racing industry. Limerick
Animal Welfare is opposed to greyhound racing, as it encourages the
overbreeding and abuse of greyhounds. Indeed I have just bought
some greyhound coats for our next protest which state “Race Cars not
We cannot speak for other welfare organizations, and it is
unfortunate that some have decided to accept money from the Greyhound
Racing Board. This gives the board the opportunity to say that they
are working with welfare groups and saving many greyhounds.
Unfortunately, the amount expended on greyhound welfare by the Board
is a pittance despite the huge government subsidies they receive.
Limerick Animal Welfare has been rescuing greyhounds and
lurchers from dog pounds and other sites for 12 years. Avalon, the
greyhound sanctuary, of which I am a director, has done this work
for at least eight years. Avalon usually shelters 75 greyhounds and

At present we board two greyhounds with [racing trainer] Donal Croke. This is mainly for convenience as his kennels are
adjacent to Rosslare Port and greyhounds about to go to new homes in
England can break the journey there. Limerick Animal Welfare pays
the boarding fees. We do not accept boarding fees from the Racing
We usually have at least 25 greyhounds and lurchers in our
care, maintained in private kennels which have no connection with
the greyhound industry. We maintain our independence at all times,
and continue to campaign for better conditions for all Irish
greyhounds. We attend greyhound sales regularly where we lodge
complaints and distribute our leaflets in the face of aggressive
At present we can only hope that attitudes will change and
that EU Transport Directives will give more protection to dogs in
commerce, including greyhounds.
I am chairing a committee which will look into obtaining a
new Animal Welfare Bill for Ireland to replace the present 1911 act.
–Marion FitzGibbon
Limerick Animal Welfare
12 B Upper Cecil St.
Limerick, Ireland
Phone 353-87-6371044

Katrina rescue testimony

I very much appreciated your coverage of the Katrina
disaster. I worked a week at the Winn-Dixie rescue site with a group
led by Garo Alexanian of New York City. We searched homes and found
animals– including a Basset hound in a closet inside a house already
boarded up by the National Guard –and made food and water drops
where animals had been seen.
I was tremendously impressed by the volunteers from all over
the U.S. Conditions were primitive, but the rescued animals were
walked four times a day. Food and bottled water were plentiful.
Volunteer veterinarians examined and treated the sick animals. Dogs
and cats arrived even in mid-October, after the Lamar-Dixon rescue
center had to close. Winn-Dixie became the last hope for animals
still trapped or roaming the streets.
–Sheila M. Dines
New York, N.Y.

Introducing the Africa Animal Protection Network

We are delighted to inform you that ANIMAL PEOPLE is
sponsoring a new website at <www.africaanimal.org>.
The Africa Animal Protection Ne-twork web site enables
African animal advocates and rescuers to cooperate and reach out
To subscribe to our e-mail list, go to
<http://africaanimal.org/newsletter/subscribe.php>. Every aspect of
African animal protection is open for discussion. Posted emails will
be lightly monitored to prevent spam and inappropriate use.
For further information contact us at: <info@africaanimal.org>
–Yao Novalis, Coordinator
Africa Animal Protection Network
Founder, Monde Animal En Passion
17 B.P. 1281
Abidjan 17
Ivory Coast

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