Gorilla Foundation settles two of three lawsuits

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 2005:

WOODSIDE, Calif.–Associated Press reported on December 1,
2005 that former Gorilla Foundation employees Nancy Alperin, 47,
and Kendra Keller, 48, have settled a lawsuit they jointly filed
in February 2005, claiming they were fired for refusing to expose
their breasts to Koko, the signing gorilla whose care is focus of
the foundation program. Alperin and Keller also contended that they
worked unpaid overtime and were obliged to work amid unsanitary
Terms of the settlement were not disclosed. Alperin had
asked for $719,830 and Keller for $366,192. A parallel suit filed by
a third ex-employee, Iris Rivera, 39, is still pending,
Associated Press said.
Alperin and Keller said they were fired one day after
California occupational health and safety inspectors fined the
Gorilla Foundation $300 for violations that were later corrected,
San Francisco Chronicle staff writer Patricia Yollin reported.

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