Animal Friends Croatia

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 2005:

Page 1–

“Many citizens were surprised on November 5, 2005 to see
Robert Francizsty’s performance ‘T4-Work in Progress’ in downtown
Zagreb,” writes Animal Friends Croatia. Organized to promote a
seminar on the Charles Patterson book Eternal Treblinka: Our
Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust, the performance coincided
with the arrival of avian flu H4N1 in Croatia and the ensuing
slaughter and incineration of tens of thousands of factory-farmed
poultry in a “stamping out” effort symbolically represented by shoes
and chicken carcasses. Helping Francizsty were fire swallower Senata
Hren, narrator Nina Coric, composer Igor Bogdanic, and video
director Drazen Jeren.

Page 12–

Striding through a poultry market in a gas mask, Robert Francizsty
startled shoppers and butchers in Zagreb, Croatia on November 5 with
a protest against factory farming that coincided with massacres of
factory-farmed fowl to combat the avian flu H5N1.
(Animal Friends Croatia)

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