Dope on dog racing

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2004:

TALLAHASSEE–Florida attorney general Charlie Christ does not
have the authority to probe why 117 dogs who raced on Florida tracks
in 2000-2003 tested positive for cocaine, deputy attorney general
George LeMieux told GREY2K USA and the Humane Society of the U.S. in
an early June written opinion.
The 117 positive tests were among moe than 104,000 tests on
dogs for drugging done during the three years in question. During
that time Palm Beach Kennel Club trainers Bernie McClella, Joy
Mayne, and Mark St. Pierre were suspended because their dogs tested
positive, but have continued to claim the tests were in error.
In May, Florida Division of Parimutuel Wagering chief David
Roberts said his office has “found no evidence that anyone has given
cocaine to a dog.”
Greyhound advocates otherwise enjoyed a successful first half of 2004.
New Hampshire Governor Craig Benson in May 2004 vetoed a bill
to require greyhound trainers to track injuries to dogs,
euthanasias, interstate transfers, adoptions, and sales of
dogs–but on June 16 the state legislature overrode the veto, 290-52
in the house and 18-6 in the senate.
Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on May 24 signed into law a
pre-emptive statewide ban on greyhound racing.
The New Hampshire and Pennsyl-vania legislative victories
followed the defeat of bills to authorize the use of other forms of
gambling and tax cuts to subsidize greyhound racing in Alabama,
Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, New Hampshire, and Texas.

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