“Must look at reality if we are to help pit bulls”

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2004:

Thanks for addressing the need to address the burgeoning pit
bull terrier problem realistically. Trying to perpetuate the myth
that pit bull terriers are “just another dog” is not only naive, but
is a buy-in to the dog fighters’ agenda.
Organized fighters have historically openly paid attorneys
and lobbyists to assure that only generic “dangerous dog” legislation
is passed. That way no one interferes with their breed-specific
“sport,” and they continue to exploit pit bulls as their victims.
It is untrue that other breeds would automatically take the
place of pit bulls in dogfighting. No other breed has the “gameness”
and blind loyalty of the pit bull. No other breed will drag his
bloody body on three broken legs across a ring to continue combat.
No other breed will continue to try to attack when his face is
completely ripped down to the dental structure or his entrails are
falling from his belly.
No other breed has the stoicism that will keep him from
biting a human in the pit when his flesh is hanging from its body,
and he is screaming in agony.

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