Butchers beat Visakha SPCA founder Pradeep K. Nath

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2004:

VISAKHAPATNAM, India–Visakha SPCA founder Pradeep Kumar
Nath was “severely and brutally beaten” on January 19 by “five youths
who are butchers in profession,” Nath e-mailed to ANIMAL PEOPLE.
Nath was accosted, he said, as he “was seeking help from
the police by mobile telepone to stop the illegal slaughtering of
five cows and two calves who were being taken by two laborers to the
The attack came nine days after Visakhapatnam police raided
two slaughterhouses that had been the subject of frequent Visakha
SPCA complaints.
Nath received hospital treatment for cuts and bruises. Two
of the five assailants, named Siddique and Mastan, were arrested
and criminally charged, Nath said.
Nath has experienced violence before. On April 2, 2000
persons believed to have been prosecuted for illegal slaughter
torched the Visakha SPCA cattle shelter, and on Christmas Eve, 2000
a mob ransacked the Visakha SPCA dog sterilization clinic. The mob
was allegedly led by the former city dog-killers, who lost their
jobs as result of the sterilization program.
Assaults on Indian humane workers, usually by illegal
butchers and cattle traffickers, are frequent, and often deadly.

Also on April 2, 2000, for example, illegal cattle
traffickers savagely beat humane investigator Prakash Amrutlal Shah
near Disa, Gujarat. Shah died from his injuries eight days later.
Lalit Jain, 32, a prosecutor of illegal cow-slaughter cases
in Bhiwandi, near Mumbai in Maharashtra, was shot on April 24,
2002 by three men in an auto rickshaw.
A mob of illegal butchers and beef-traders on September 13,
2002 dragged Animal Welfare Board of India animal welfare officer
Abdul Sattar Sheikh out of a police station in the Bandra district of
Mumbai and beat him with rocks and iron bars. Sattar Sheikh suffered
multiple broken bones and probable permanent disabilities.
Almost a year to the day later, Sattar Sheikh’s supervisor
Abral Qureshi was allegedly assaulted inside a police station in the
Thane district of Mumbai. Qureshi’s wife Zeenat told the Times of
India that a police inspector hit Qureshi “on his head, and a
butcher who had come to the police station stabbed him in the
A veterinarian and female staff, not named, were reportedly
assaulted in a May 6, 2003 mob attack on the Jaigopal Garodia
Jinendra People for Animals Shelter near Chennai.
The mob cut the PfA telephone line to prevent the victims
from calling help, beat the shelter animals, tried to poison the
dogs on the premises, and stole 15 cattle who were seized a month
earlier from a truck that was illegally taking them to slaughter in

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