Hancock still fighting for animals

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  June 2003:

SACRAMENTO–Loni Hancock (D-Berk-eley) on May 1 withdrew a
Farm Sanctuary bill to ban the use of gestation crates for pregnant
sows.  Opposed by the California Farm Bureau Federation,  the bill
was three votes short of clearing the California assembly Agriculture
The “Chronology of Humane Progress” published in the May
edition of ANIMAL PEOPLE stated that in 1976 the San Francisco SPCA
became the first U.S. animal control agency to halt killing animals
by decompression.  The precedent actually came in Berkeley,  across
San Francisco Bay,  on a 1972 motion by then-city councillor Loni
Hancock,  backed by fellow councillor Ron Dellums,  who has since had
a staunchly pro-animal record in the U.S. House of Representatives.
The history of the Berkeley bill was recounted by Lara Diana
Sukol in The Politics of Dogs in Berkeley,  1968-1972,  an M.A.
thesis presented to the history faculty at the University of Vermont
in March 2000.  Hancock moved to abolish the decompression chamber at
urging of a group called The Dog Responsibility Committee,  formed by
Myrna Walton,  Julie Stitt,  and Sukol’s parents,  George and Diana

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