How no-kill dog control came to Kolkata, India

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  June 2003:

How no-kill dog control came to Kolkata,  India
by Debasis Chakrabarti,  founder,  Compassionate Crusaders Trust

Kolkata (Calcutta) is the largest truly no-kill city in the
world.  It grieves me beyond measure to think of the possibility of a
resumption of slaughter of street dogs.  I would like to share our
experience with everyone involved in this work,  because I believe
that the method we use is largely contributory to our success.
The first and perhaps most important precaution we took, was
to send letters to the municipal councillors,  informing them that we
have taken up this program,  explaining the benefits of it,  and
seeking their cooperation in calling us when they see an injured or
troublesome stray dog.  This won for us their instant approval and
smoothed the way considerably.

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