Suit seeks to end pheasant stocking by Park Service

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  November 2002:

BOSTON–The Fund for Animals,  Humane Society of the U.S.,
Massachusetts SPCA,  and individual Cape Cod residents on September
20 filed suit against the National Park Service for collaborating
with the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife to release
hundreds of captive-bred pheasants each year for hunters to shoot at
the ecologically fragile Cape Cod National Seashore.
“The National Park Service is exterminating black rats on
Anacapa Island,  California,  and evicting wild burros from the
Mojave desert because they are not native,”  pointed out Fund for
Animals executive vice president president Mike Markarian,  whose
organization has also contested those actions,  “but is purposely
introducing exotic species for use as targets,”
Markarian was promoted to the presidency of The Fund on
September 24.  Marian Probst,  assistant to Fund founder Cleveland
Amory from the 1967 start of the organization until Amory died in
1998,  and president since then,  became chairperson,  continuing as
chief financial officer and administrator.

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