Feral cat news

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2002:

Feral cats and dogs on U.S. Navy bases have just a year to
live, under a “Policy Letter Preventing Feral Cat and Dog
Populations on Navy Property” issued on January 10, 2002 by Admiral
Vern Clark, Chief of Naval Operations, says Alley Cat Allies
president Becky Robinson. “The policy expressly prohibits feeding
feral animals and/or implementing trap/neuter/return programs,” and
requires “humane capture and removal of all free roaming cats and
dogs” by January 1, 2003, said Robinson. Alley Cat Allies has been
using neuter/return to control feral cats at the Norfolk Naval
Shipyard in Portsmouth, Virginia, under contract with the Navy.

PeopleSoft founder Dave Duffield in January 2002 added $37
million more to the Maddie’s Fund endowment, Maddie’s Fund president
Richard Avanzino announced. Dave and Cheryl Duffield committed $200
million to Maddie’s Fund in 1998 to promote a national turn toward
no-kill animal control, following the model that Avanzino pioneered
as president of the San Francisco SPCA, 1976-1998. Maddie’s Fund
distributed $10.2 million in grants during 2001, and committed $17.7
million to projects funded through 2006, Avanzino said. Among the
most recently funded projects is a free feral cat sterilization
program run by the Dane County Veterinary Medical Association in
Wisconsin, modeled after successful vet-run statewide programs
funded by Maddie’s in California, Utah, and Alabama.

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