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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2001:

World Animal Net, best known for maintaining a globally comprehensive online directory of animal protection groups at <>, “has recently been granted consultative status with the United Nations,” cofounder Janice Cox announced on June 1. “This gives us a great opportunity to work for the improved welfare and status of animals at appropriate U.N. meetings,” especially the World Summit for Sustainable Development, to be held in Rio de Janeiro in September 2002. “However,” Cox cautioned, “we must make inputs on animal welfare now if they are to be considered.” For further particulars about getting animal protection concerns on the agenda, contact Cox c/o <>.

The Lebanon Daily Star reported on June 11 that “Some 40 people attended the inaugural meeting of Lebanon Animal Life in Damour” a day earlier, electing Walid Jumblatt as honorary president and Rosemary Jawhari as president. “The group is concerned with curbing illegal animal trafficking and mistreatment of animals, including pets,” plans to start an animal refuge, hopes to improve conditions in slaughterhouses, and “is also concerned with species whose numbers are diminishing, such as hyenas and foxes,” the Daily Star said. [If anyone has contact information for Lebanon Animal Life, ANIMAL PEOPLE would like to get in touch.]

Grey2K USA, “devoted to ending the killing and cruelty of the American greyhound industry through political means,” officially debuted on May 23. Emerging from the coalition that put the Grey2K initiative to ban greyhound racing on the Massachusetts ballot last year, Grey2K USA is already campaigning in Florida, Massa-chusetts, New Hampshire, and Oregon, said founder Carey Theil. Begun with little support from major organizations, and heavily backed only by the Animal Rescue League of Boston, the Massachusetts Grey2K initiative was believed to have little chance of success when Theil, Grey2K USA vice president Christine Dorchak, and colleagues began petitioning in support of it, but was actually ahead in the polls until the greyhound industry unleashed a last-minute TV ad blitz. Even then it was defeated by just 1% of the vote. Contact Grey2K USA at P.O. Box 442117, Somerville, MA 02144; 617-666-3526; fax 617-666-3568; <>; <>.

One hundred and twelve years after the formation of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, British wildlife enthusiasts have formed the Mammals Trust U.K. to help protect the habitat and well-being of species which are neither domesticated nor (usually) endangered, but are often subject to thoughtless cruelty. Info: <>.

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