1998 Initiative spending (Most recent reports received.)

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, December 1998:

State Pro-animals Anti-animals
Alaska $ 185,600 $ 225,000
Arizona $ unavailable
Horses $ 500,000 unavailable
Trapping $ 899,409 $ 316,085
Minnesota $ 25,000 $ 200,000
Missouri $ Unavailable
Ohio $ 521,680 $ 2,400,000
South Dakota $ 67,315 $ 111,646
Utah $ 56,662 $ 596,646
TOTALS $ 2,037,609 $3 ,849,377

Former Animal Protective Association of
St. Louis County director Nancy Grove made personally
sure that the successful campaign to ban cockfighting
in Missouri was adequately funded by contributing
$57,000 to Missourians Against
Cockfighting, and loaning MAC $250,000 more.

Similar generosity on the part of Save The
Doves cofounders Ritchie Laymon and Peg Brody,
both of Columbus, wasn’t enough to win a proposed
ban on dove hunting in Ohio. Laymon reportedly
pitched in $88,000, and Brody $50,000. The Fund
for Animals and the Humane Society of the U.S. each
more-or-less matched their combined gifts––but the
Ohio-based Wildlife Legislative Fund of America,
battling for clout in their own area, not only managed
the pro-dove hunting front group, called
Ohioans for Wildlife Conservation, but also contributed
$69,638 to the $2.4 million OWC budget,
and pulled in another $30,000 from the National
Wild Turkey Federation; $15,000 from the Ballot
Initiatives Coalition; and $10,000 each from the
Ohio Farm Bureau Federation, the League of Ohio
Sportsmen, and the International Bowhunting
Association of the USA.

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