Parakeet killer back in prison

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 1998:

ANCHORAGE––George William Adams,
38, alias William G. Adams and Skip Adams-Taylor,
on June 3 drew 40 months in prison from U.S. District
Judge James Singleton, in Anchorage, Alaska, for
being a felon in possession of a gun.
Convicted in 1980 of strangling a women he
met in a Washington D.C. disco and biting the head off
her parakeet because, he said, the bird’s chirping made
him nervous, Adams served 15 years, then skipped out
on parole, fled to Alaska, and became a clerk for the
Barrow office of the state Department of Corrections.
As part of his cover, apparently, he adopted a
guise as an animal rights activist––which led to his
arrest, wrote Lisa Demers of the Anchorage Daily
News, when “Barrow leaders complained to his bosses
that he may have used his state computer to protest an
Eskimo seal hunt.”

A background check found his old identity.
When Adams finishes his 40-month federal
term, he is expected to be returned to Virginia to serve
another 15 years for his murder conviction.


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