From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November 1997:

Two days after The London Times
reported that “two scholarships for vegetarians
to Wycliffe College in Gloucestershire
have been unclaimed for at least four years,”
third-generation vegetarian Wycliffe student
Lisa Stephenson, 15, of Chester, claimed
one of them. Her grandfather and uncles
boarded at Springfield House, a vegetarian
residence hall formed in 1909 by then-headmaster
George Sibly. “Roger Bacon, Lisa’s
grandfather, went on a walking holiday for
vegetarians in Holland with George Sibly and

met a vegetarian Dutch girl who became her
grandmother,” said Wycliffe headmaster
David Prichard. Known in Sibly’s time for
producing athletic champions, Springfield
House ceased being vegetarian in 1980, but
successful vegetarian athletes still come from
Wycliffe, including 1997 British Tetrathlon
champion Felix Hammick, 18, and twins
G a r e t h and Emily Morgans, who won the
1997 British male and female youth squash
Ark Trust founder Gretchen
W y l e r is to receive the American Humane
A s s o c i a t i o n Lifetime Achievement Award on
October 28. Wyler previously served in leadership
and board roles with The Fund for
Animals and the American SPCA.
The Ark Trust on October 6
announced the appointment of Vernon Weir
as director of programs. Weir formerly held
executive positions with the A n i m a l
Protection Institute and United Animal
N a t i o n s, and was a consultant to the
Association of Wildlife Sanctuaries.
The Caribbean Conservation
C o r p o r a t i o n has promoted David Godfrey
from director of its Sea Turtle Survival
League program to executive director.
Godfrey joined CCC in 1993 after four years
in leadership roles with Florida Defenders of
the Environment.

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