From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July 1996:

Pet Food
Investigative report by the Animal
Protection Institute of America,
free from API (916-731-5521 or
POB 22505, Sacramento, CA 95822).
16 pages, 1996.

The Animal Protection Institute
holds that the $9-billion-a-year pet food
industry is committing legal consumer fraud.
“Regulation of the production of pet food is
almost nonexistent,” API charges, calling
“for new state and federal regulations that set
standards similar to those of foods for
humans, truthful labeling of pet food ingredients,
and prosecution of pet food companies
who falsely advertise the health benefits of
their product.”
The API view may be debated––but
even if commercial pet food is generally good
for pets, opposite to the API contention, it’s
hard to argue against more accountability.

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