From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July 1996:

Ellen Porter, 80, died June 4 in
Rutland, Vermont. Porter graduated c u m
laude from Syracuse University and began
a career as a dietician in 1937, spending
1939-1942 at the U.S. Army Pine Camp
Hospital in Watertown, New York.
Married to Lt. Jg. George T. Hollrock in
1942, she changed careers after his 1943
death, running a book store 1944-1978.
She married Arthur B. Porter in 1968; he
died in 1978. With Olive Smith, she
cofounded the Rutland County Humane
Society in 1959, serving as treasurer until
1976 and remaining on the board of directors
until 1991. She also organized the formation
of the Addison County Humane
Society, serving on that board; was a
board member of the Vermont Federation
of Humane Societies; and was past president
of the New England Federation of
Humane Societies. “In the 1970s,”
remembered the Rutland Herald, “Mrs.
Porter was instrumental in updating the
laws for animal cruelty.” Added Rutland
animal control officer Craig Petrie, “Ellen
Porter was responsible for getting a building
just for animals built in 1968. She
helped update and support my animal control
program, which I started in 1979.”

Jean-Pierre Hutin, 64, whose
pet care program 30 Million Friends d r e w
more than five million viewers each
Saturday afternoon, died on June 3 in
Paris. Hutin debuted in media as a reporter
with the newspaper France Soir, moving to
television in 1955. He initiated 30 Million
Friends in 1966. Co-hosts included his various
pets, including most recently Mabrouk
Junior, a German shepherd. Using his
popularity to advance humane treatment,
Hutin founded the Animal Defense
Association in 1982, and the 30 Million
Friends Foundation in March 1995.
Daniel Lipscombe, 22, a British
wildlife researcher from Guernsey, was
killed by a charging bull white rhinoceros ,
a new arrival, on the night of June 12 at the
Kharma Sanctuary, near Sarowe,
Botswana. Said anctuary administrator
Rachel Potasnik, “Daniel would be horrified
if we killed the animal. The rhino cannot
be blamed.”
Ruth Poots, one of the founders
of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter and the
Humane Federation of Wyoming, as well
as a member of the Animal Care Center in
Laramie, died recently in Cheyenne. She
was honored as Humanitarian of the Year
by HFW, where she served on the first
board and was treasurer for many years.
She was interred in North Platte, Nebraska.
––Lois Mast
Animal Care Center
Laramie, Wyoming

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