Law & order

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July 1996:

WASHINGTON D.C.––Law-and-order advocate Senator
Charles Williams (R-Fla) on October 13, 1995 hosted the Second Annual
Predators Dove Hunt in Dixie County, Florida. Eighty-eight hunters
reportedly slew more than 440 doves who were drawn to fields and nearby
roads littered with corn, millet, wheat, and milo. Three hours into the
event, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service cited all participants.
Thundered House Resources Committee chair Don Young (RAlaska),
as he opened a May 16 hearing into the incident, “While I do not
know whether this was a good or bad bust, a number of those cited strongly
believe that the only thing baited, trapped, tried, and fined on that hot
October day were law-abiding citizens. Among those cited were three
county sheriffs, a regional commissioner of the Florida Game and
Freshwater Fish Commission, mayors, clerks of the court, Florida prison
officials, and city and county commissioners.”

Facing 1997 budget appropriations, and crippled by 1996 budget
cuts, the Fish and Wildlife Service on May 21 asked for public comment
on possible amendments to the federal baiting regulations. While the hookand-bullet
mob is expected to demand that the regulations be weakened or
abolished, recommendations may also be made that they be strengthened,
perhaps with double or triple fines imposed for public officials found to be
in violation. Address Director (FWS/NAWWO), U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Service, 110 ARLSQ, 1849 C Street NW, Washington, DC 20240.

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