REVIEWS: Paws, Claws, Feathers & Fins

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 1995:

Paws, Claws, Feathers & Fins, 30-minute video from KidVidz
(618 Centre St., Newton, MA 02158). $14.95 (video only); $34.90 with
Leader’s Guide, 50 activity guides, and license for public performance rights.
Here’s help for humane educators
who can’t bring controversy into the class-
room. Directed at children ages 4-12, but
probably most effective for primary grades,
Paws, Claws, Feathers & Fins succinctly
explains all that goes into keeping a pet, and
tosses in an operatic song about how every
kind of animal poops, sure to please most
young boys without offending most parents.
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