BOOKS: A Practical Guide to Ferret Care

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 1995:

A Practical Guide to Ferret Care
by Deborah Jeans, with medical editor Susan A. Brown, DVM.
Ferrets Inc. (POB 450099, Miami, FL 33245-0099), 1994.
146 pages, hardbound, illustrated, $22.95.
Michigan and Minnesota recently
legalized ferret ownership, while as A N I-
MAL PEOPLE goes to press, a bill to lift
the ferret ban California imposed in 1987 is
expected to clear the state legislature any day
now. That would leave Hawaii as the last
state with a ferret ban still in place. For bet-
ter or worse, ferrets have become part of the
American pet menagerie, and animal shel-
ters must learn to cope with them––as many
already have. Thirty-three states now have
their own ferret rescue networks, loosely
linked by Shelters That Adopt and Rescue
Ferrets, 7402 Joseph Court, Annandale,
VA 22003; 703-354-5073.
Current contacts for state ferret
groups are only one important feature of A
Practical Guide to Ferret Care. The author,
actress and model Deborah Jeans, is herself
an experienced rescuer, who has looked
after up to 49 ferrets at a time. From that
perspective, Jeans anticipates and answers
most of the questions a shelter director––or
anyone acquiring a ferret for the first time––
is likely to raise. Big type, a very detailed
table of contents, and plentiful boldface
subheads make finding answers fast a cinch.
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