Watson says pirate took submarine

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, Jan/Feb 1995:

The Sea Shepherd Conser-
vation Society, according to a Nov-
ember 30 advisory, “is pursuing legal
action” to shut down Paul Watson pre
sents the great whales, “a fraudulent
whale education exhibit presently tour-
ing Switzerland,” operated by Marine
World Expo, no relation to the Marine
World oceanariums, “which is owned
by John Buegler, a German ciizen
from Rodenbach. In September,” the
statement continued, “Captain Watson
agreed to allow Buegler to use his
name in return for 30% of the ticket
sales, to support the conservation
activities of Sea Shepherd.” Buegler
also was authorized to exhibit the Sea
Shepherd submarine on lease, and was
to return the submarine at the end of
October 1994. “Buegler has refused to
honor his agreement,” Sea Shepherd
alleged, “and has instead kept all
money raised from the exhibit. He also
refused to pay for shipping the subma-
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