From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 1994:

World-renowned primatologist
Dr. Jan Moor-Jankowski quit the New
York University Medical School’s Animal
Care and Use Committee on August 16, in
protest of how the committee has handled
allegations of animal abuse involved with
addiction experiments on monkeys done by
fellow faculty member Dr. Ronald Wood.
Wood’s work was temporarily suspended
last spring, former NYU head veterinarian
Dr. Wendell Niemann resigned, and some
staff who purport to have been whistle-
blowers were dismissed, but the full cir-
cumstances have not been disclosed.
Dean Smith of the American
Anti-Vivisection Society has produced a
paragraph-by-paragraph critique of the
American Medical Association’s recent
white paper on Use of Animals in
Biomedical Research, available for $3.00
each from the AAVS at 801 Old York Rd,
Suite 204, Jenkintown, PA 19046-1685.
Get the AMA white paper from the AMA,
Dept. of Science & Medical Education,
515 N. State St., Chicago, IL 60610.

Fifty-four captive-born Indian
rhesus monkeys valued at $108,000 were
released from the Delta Regional Primate
Center near New Orleans on September 2.
Twenty of the monkeys were soon recap-
tured; the rest remain at large Two weeks
earlier, on August 20, someone cut a
chain link fence at the center to release 28
wild-caught pigtailed macacques, all of
whom are still at large. The FBI and local
authorities are investigating.
Baxter Healthcare Corp, the
world’s leading supplier of dialysis ser-
vice. and DNX Corp., of Princeton, New
Jersey, a pioneer in the use of pig livers to
filter the blood of human patients with ter-
minal liver disease, have formed a partner-
ship to genetically engineer pigs whose
organs can be transplanted into humans.
DNX may be best known for having once
transplanted a pig’s heart into a baboon.
A National Institutes of Health
advisory panel was due to recommend
federal guidelines for fetal tissue research
as ANIMAL PEOPLEwent to press.
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