From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 1993:

Cruelty charges against Dr. Florintino
Sanguinetti, director of the Hospital de Clinicas Jose de
San Martin in Buenos Aires, Argentina, may be dropped
soon because the judge assigned to the case has failed to
schedule a prosecution, according to the Asociacion para la
Defensa de los Derechos del Animal. The case made inter-
national headlines in March 1990 when judge Omar Faciuto
joined ADDA in a visit to the hospital dog laboratory, and
found numerous dogs confined in tiny, poorly ventilated
cages, amid heaps of their own excrement. Faciuto imme-
diately ordered that the dogs be removed and the laboratory
be closed. It was the first time anyone in Argentina had
closed a laboratory via the courts. But that’s where the
action stopped. As of March 17, ADDA urgently requested
that letters be addressed to: Sr. Juez de lra. Instancia

Correccional G, Dr. Omar Facciuto, Paraguay
1178––Secretaria 101, (1057) Buenos Aires, Argentina;
and Sr. Fiscal en lo Criminal y Correccional Nro. 14, Dr.
Enrique Alvarez Aldana, Diagonal Norte 1174, 9no Piso,
(1035) Buenos Aires, Argentina. The appeal didn’t reach
ANIMAL PEOPLE until after our May issue went to press.
Miles Berkeley Inc. is once again offering
$25,000 to researchers or research institutions engaged in
developing alternatives to animal research. The deadline for
applying, with a complete project description, is June 15.
Applications should be sent to the Citizens’ Humane
Commission, c/o Animal Care Services, 2313 Second St.,
Berkeley, CA 94710.
An unidentified 18-year-old woman who took an
overdose of medicine was kept alive for 14 hours on May 17
with an artificial liver made from plastic, cellulose, and pig
liver cells. The woman received a conventional human-to-
human liver transplant at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in
Los Angeles, but her body rejected it. She was then given
the artificial liver as an emergency stand-in until a second
human liver could be obtained for transplant. That one took.
The woman, as of our deadline, was expected to make a
full recovery.
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