Heroic Dogs

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 1993:

A six-year-old German shep-
herd brought home a lightly dressed
three-year-old boy she found wandering
alone in sub-freezing weather on
February 17 near Midland, Ontario
––and just in time. The boy was trying
to visit his mother, who gave birth the
night before in a hospital 25 miles away,
and slipped out while his father slept.
The Michigan Anti-Cruelty
Society on February 17 rescued a mon-
grel named Brownie, who survived a
Detroit housefire that killed seven chil-
dren in front of a barred window.
Though suffering from smoke inhala-
tion, Brownie hadn’t allowed firefight-
ers to separate him from the victims.
A survey of convicted bur-
glars published by Special Reports
found that 59% consider a dog in the
home the most effective deterrent to
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