Another summer of mayhem & mendacity on the rodeo circuit

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  July-August 2013:

CALGARY,  RENO––The July 11,  2013 death of a chuckwagon outrider’s horse from officially unknown causes and the death of a steer who suffered a broken neck two days earlier during a steer wrestling event raised the Calgary Stampede animal death count to 62 in the 27 years that fatalities have been tracked.   Read more

Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments are excluded from the 2013 Farm Bill

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  May/June 2013:

WASHINGTON D.C.––The Egg Products Inspection Act Amendments of 2013,  written to implement a 2011 agreement between the Humane Society of the U.S. and United Egg Producers about laying hen cage sizes,  was not included in either the U.S. Senate or U.S. House of Representatives version of the 2013 Farm Bill. Read more

Tiger Truck Stop loses appeal, is closer to being closed

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  May/June 2013:

NEW ORLEANS––Twenty-five years of protest and litigation against live tiger displays at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete,  Louisiana,  inched closer to resolution with an April 25,  2013 ruling by a three-judge panel representing the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeal that truck stop owner Michael Sandlin does not have a valid permit to keep a 12-year-old tiger named Tony on the premises. Read more

Animals Australia exposes Egyptian slaughterhouses again

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  May/June 2013:

Exposing a bloody business

CANBERRA––The latest Animals Australia undercover videos of slaughter at the two Egyptian slaughterhouses authorized to kill Australian cattle showed “outrageous cruelty” that “left me and my industry colleagues disgusted and horrified,”  Australian Livestock Exporters Council spokesperson Alison Penfold told media.   Read more

Record seizures of dogs from meat traffic in China and Thailand stretch rescue capacity

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  April 2013:

BEIJING,  BANGKOK––Stopping a truck hauling 250 dogs to slaughterhouses in Maoming,  Guangdong on April 7,  2013,  Kunming Yixin Stray Animal Shelter volunteers  had kept the truck surrounded at An Ning, in Kunming,  for 48 hours as the April 2013 edition of ANIMAL PEOPLE   went to press,  despite acts of attempted physical intimidation by the truckers and reinforcements called by the truckers.   Read more

Japanese whalers killed fewest whales ever in 2013 Antarctic hunt

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  April 2013:

TOKYO––The Japanese whaling fleet in 2013 killed just 103 minke whales out of a self-assigned quota of 935,  and killed none of the 50 humpback and 50 fin whales they had hoped to kill,  acknowledged Japanese agriculture, forestry and fisheries minister Yoshimasa Hayashi at a homecoming media conference. Read more

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