International Rights Film Festival awards

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2010:
KHARKOV–Nineteen films on human rights and animal rights
themes were honored at the Third International Rights Film Festival
in Kharkov, Ukraine, during the week of December 12-19, 2009.
Another 22 films won honorable mentions.
“Steps to Freedom” statuettes for best films in category were
awarded to three films on animal rights themes. “Best short film on
animal rights” was He’d never do that, directed by Anartz Zuazua of
Spain. “Best documentary on animal rights” was “I’m an Animal: the
Story of Ingrid Newkirk and PETA,” directed by Matthew Galkin of the

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Awards & honors

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November-December 2009:


The Humane Society of the U.S. on October 29, 2009 honored
the Animal Compassion, Advocacy, Respect, & Education Club of
Sweetwater Union High School in National City, California, as 2009
Humane Society Youth Club of the year. The Animal CARE Club has
about 100 members. Among the club projects were sterilizing about
200 dogs for free or at low cost; raising funds for the Baja Animal
Sanctuary in Rosarita, Mexico; and hosting a program to train high
school students as certified veterinary assistants.

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Ric O’Barry wins ASPCA Lifetime Achievement Award

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2009:

Ric O’Barry, campaigning against dolphin captivity since
1970, on October 29, 2009 received the American SPCA Lifetime
Achivement award. The ASPCA honored Rolling Ranch Animal Sanctuary
founders Steve Smith and Alayne Marker, of Ovando. Montana, with
the Henry Bergh Award. About two-thirds of the 70 animals in their
care are blind. The ASPCA law enforcement officers of the year were
Tim Rickey and Kyle Held of the Humane Society of Missouri and
Missouri Highway Patrol undercover agents Terry Mills and Jeffrey
Heath, whose work led to an eight-state dogfighting raid in July
2009, including more than 30 arrests and the seizure of more than
400 dogs. The ASPCA Tommy Monahan Award, named for a 9-year-old who
died in 2007 trying to save his dog from a housefire, went to Monica
Plumb, 11, of Powhatan County, Virginia, who has raised funds to
donate more than 50 pet-sized oxygen masks to fire departments in
nine states. The Hingham Fire Department, also recently honored by
PETA, received the ASPCA Firefighter of the Year award. The ASPCA
Dog of the Year was Archie, 8, a black Labrador who assists
disabled Iraq veteran Clay Rankin. Cat of the Year was Nora, a
piano-playing former shelter cat whose YouTube performances have
attracted more that 15 million viewings.

Barking over Animals & Society fellowship

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 2009:
ANN ARBOR, Mich.–The Animals & Society
Institute had difficult questions to answer in
August 2009 after awarding a “Human-Animal
Studies Fellowship” to Jere Alexander. Alexander
in November 2008 resigned as director of the
Fulton County Animal Shelter following an exposé
of shelter conditions by Randy Travis of Fox 5 TV
and several follow-up exposés by the Atlanta
Journal Constitution.
The exposés, summarized in the November/
December 2008 edition of ANIMAL PEOPLE, focused
on allegations that Alexander refused to
euthanize pit bull terriers deemed dangerous by
staff, housed other dogs with pit bulls who
killed them, removed 83 cats from the shelter in
the name of a rescue group whose existence could
not be verified, admitted having attended
dogfights in connection with academic research,
hired the wife of a convicted dogfighter, and
maintained other associations with alleged

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Kenya SPCA director awarded MBE

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 2009:
Jean Gilchrist, in her 40th year as director of the Kenya
SPCA, was in August 2009 named to the Order of the British
Empire–the eighth animal advocate named since 1998, following
International Primate Protection League founder Shirley McGreal
(2008); International Animal Rescue cofounder Alan Knight, David
Sheldrick Wildlife Trust founder Daphne Sheldrick, and the late
Stella Brewer Marsden, founder of the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation
Association sanctuary in Gambia (all 2006); Care For The Wild
founder Bill Jordan, now heading the Bill Jordan Wildlife Defence
Fund (2005); Dogs Trust chair Clarissa Baldwin (2003); and Animals
Asia Foundation founder Jill Robinson (1998).

“Extreme makeover” contest wins give shelter and sanctuary founders extreme headaches

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, May 2009:


ST. LOUIS, Mo.; PHELAN, Calif.–Hoping to win a shelter
renovation through a makeover contest?
Stray Rescue of St. Louis, Rocky Ridge Refuge of Gassville,
Arkansas, and the Forever Wild Tiger Sanctuary of Phelan,
California all did. Each found that the outcome was not really what
was expected.
“I’m just glad it’s over and glad to be back on the streets
where I am most comfortable,” Stray Rescue founder Randy Grim told
ANIMAL PEOPLE. “One day we will have our shelter. The dog gods will
In June 2008 Stray Rescue won a $1 million shelter makeover
offered by the social networking web site. The makeover
contest required supporters of as many as 1,000 shelters competing
for the prize to go to, register, and vote, thereby
boosting zootoo participation.

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Enviros expose lab monkey business

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, April 2008:
Probably no one has ever mistaken the
National Geographic Society for an
antivivisection society–but one winner of the
2008 National Geographic Photo Contest, “Caged
monkeys await their fate at a medical laboratory
in Hubei Province, China,” by Li Feng, was an
image of a sort familiar to antivivisectionists.
The photo depicted dozens of small macaques in
shopping bag-like transportation cages seemingly
fashioned from chicken wire.
“The judges liked that this image
subverts the usual romanticized approach to
wildlife photography and more accurately reflects
the fate of many of the world’s animals,”
reported The National Geographic. “The sneaker
at the top provides scale and injects a human
being into the scene; the anonymity of the
wearer suggests concealment and complicity. The
structure of the cages, the horror of the
captivity, the crowded composition, and the
claustrophobic tension all add up to a sad and
compelling photo.”

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From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2008:


Shirley McGreal, who founded the Inter-national Primate
Protect-ion League in 1973, has been named to the Order of the
British Empire. Mc-Greal is the seventh animal advocate named to the
Order since 1998.

Gill Dalley, who with her husband John co-directs the Soi
Dog Foundation in Phuket, Thailand, was recently honored as an
Asian-of-the-Year by Channel News Asia of Singapore. The Dalleys
retired to Phuket from Leeds, Britain in 2003. Gill Dalley in late
2004 lost both legs to septacemia contracted while doing a dog
rescue, but recovered to take an active part in relief work after
the December 26, 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

ASPCA honors

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, January/February 2007:
Humane Farm Animal Care founder Adele Douglass, 60, has
received the American SPCA Lifetime Achievement Award. Douglass
handled animal welfare issues as a longtime aide to former New York
City member of the House of Representatives Bill Green, then for 13
years represented American Humane in Washington D.C. Starting
American Humane Farm Animal Services in 2000, Douglass left to found
HFAC at the end of 2002. HFAC is now the largest U.S. program
certifying humane livestock production.
The ASPCA also honored Oklahoma pet sterilization advocate
Ruth Steinberger and Marley & Me author John Grogan, and recognized
firefighters Richard LaPiedra, Thomas Piambino, Thomas Sullivan,
and John Cashman for several daring dog rescues.

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