Who is helping to fight bullfighters?

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 2012:

Why are none of the major international animal advocacy
organizations currently campaigning against bullfighting?
This should be priority #1. Bullfighting is nothing more
than a traditional spectacle of sadism. It keeps the floor of animal
welfare at a low level. For example, how can one criticize brutal
treatment of animals in slaughterhouses when bulls are allowed to be
tortured to death in public? There is no place on earth where people
have not seen pictures of bleeding bulls and “brave” matadors and
cheering crowds, and such representations have a desensitizing
effect on children everywhere. Bullfighters have tried to stage
bullfights in such places as China, where there is no tradition of
it, trying to whet the appetite for sadistic spectacles.

It used to be that Mexican bullrings close to the U.S. border
were only kept open by American tourists-usually going for just the
first and only time, but this was enough to keep the corrida alive.
Now there are fewer American tourists, so the fight to ban the
corrida has a chance in Mexico City. This should be a campaign focus.
Bullfighting and corrida variants combine into a massive
global issue spanning three continents with desensitizing effects on
all continents. Addressing these events requires international
awareness, coordination, and funding. These traditions will not
just fade away when old afficionados die, because young people are
constantly being initiated into the sadism.
Why is it left to underfunded organizations in Spain and
Latin America to fight the corrida?
–Kim Bartlett, president

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