Criminal justice

From ANIMAL PEOPLE,  January/February 2012:

VICTORVILLE,  California— Convicted on December 6,  2012 of
committing the 2009 contract murder of Jesus Rocha Sr. on his chicken
ranch near Helendale,  California,  Edgar Gutierrez, 40,  and David
Gomez, 18,  face life in prison without parole.  Co-defendant Oscar
Acosta,  who testified against them,  could receive 35 years to life
in prison.  A fourth co-defendant,  Jose Sosa,  who acted as lookout
during the murder and also testified against the others,  is expected
to receive a sentence of 13 years and eight months.  Gutierrez
allegedly paid Gomez and Acosta $5,000 each to kill a man who lived
with Rocha whom Gutierrez claimed had not paid him $10,000 in
connection with arranging the sale of a gamecock.  They killed Rocha
when Rocha found them on the property.

GUANZHOU,  China–Huang Guang, deputy director of agriculture
in Bajia township,  Guangdong province,  was on December 31,  2011
charged with killing Guangdong People’s Congress representative Long
Liyuan and injuring another man,  Huang Hen,  by poisoning a cat meat
hotpot that the three of them shared on December 23.   All three fell
ill,  but only Long Liyuan died.  The Guangzhou-based Southern
Metropolis Daily reported that Long Liyuan,  a billionaire in the
logging industry,  had paid Huang Guang “at least 3.5 million yuan
for various business-related services and other benefits,  such as
inside information on government projects, taking advantage of his
official title,”  but had not paid Huang Guang for services in
connection with a recent deal that fell through.

TIRUPATI,  India–Alleged wild boar poacher Syamari,  49,  of
Nagarimadugu village on December 18,  2011 electrocuted himself in
the act of retrieving a boar carcass from one of his own electrified

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