Chinese intro to rodeo postponed

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 2011:

BEIJING–“Rodeo China, the first United States ‘Wild West’
event in China, has been postponed until next year,” Wang Ru of
China Daily reported on August 31, 2011, crediting a four-month
campaign by “a coalition of 71 animal welfare organizations,
including six international non-governmental organizations.”
The Rodeo China organizers made no announcement, but
publication of the report by the Chinese national government
newspaper appeared to signify a change of perspective among top

“Qin Xiaona, head of Capital Animal Welfare Association,
based in Beijing, confirmed that the rodeo had been postponed,” Wang
Ru wrote, “adding that the
information was from the China International Friendship Cities
Association. No ticket information from the National Stadium was
available. An employee told China Daily that there was no scheduling
information about the event.”
Originally booked for October 3-10 at the National Stadium in
Beijing, nicknamed “The Bird Cage,” Rodeo China was authorized to
proceed in April 2011. “About 120 cowboys, 180 horses, 36 bulls
and 90 steers were to have been involved,” Wang Ru said.
“The animals who were facing horrible injuries or even
being killed at Rodeo China are safe–for now,” said ACTAsia for
animals founder Pei Su. “Pressure has to be kept on,” Pei Su added,
“to prevent this from being just a delay in the death sentence for
these animals. The ultimate aim is not to postpone, but to cancel
the introduction of rodeos in China altogether.”
“It’s good news,” commented Showing Animals Respect &
Kindness founder Steve Hindi, who supplied video documentation of
animal abuse at rodeos to the Chinese campaigners, “but I’ll bet the
rodeo people will be back,” Hindi warned. “Great vigilance is

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