New legislation in Hawaii, Nevada, & Texas

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, July/August 2011:
Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrom-bie on June 22, 2011 signed
into law a bill which criminalizes attending or betting on a
dogfight, and increases the penalities for owning or training
fighting dogs, or equiping, arranging, or sponsoring dog fights.

Nevada Governor Brian Sando-val on June 10, 2011 endorsed
into law a bill establishing felony cruelty penalties. The bill, SB
223, was promoted as Cooney’s Law, in memory of a female pit bull
terrier/ beagle mix who was adopted from the SPCA of Northern Nevada
by transient Raymond Rios, 46. She was gutted with a box cutter,
ostensibly to remove a mouse from her belly, and was returned to the
shelter dead.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has signed into law six pro-animal
bills. HB 1043 extends felony provisions for cockfighting to cover
owning or training a gamecock, possession or sale of cockfighting
paraphernalia, attending a cockfight, and allowing one’s property
to be used for cockfighting. HR 1451 regulates dog breeding. SB 273
requires that pets be included in protective orders. HB 916
regulates animal care during cruelty trials and appeals, and
requires that people who are convicted be billed for the cost of
animal care. HB 1103 allows judges to order people convicted of
cruelty or neglect to attend animal care courses. HR 131 makes
October “Adopt a Shelter Pet Month.”

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