Another mega-cat rescue in China

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, June 2011:
YUNCHENG–“If cats could talk, perhaps the matter could be
much simpler,” observed the Qianjiang Evening News on May 3,
2011–and that was before the latest mass rescue of cats being
trucked to slaughter in Guangzhou became much more complicated.
The incident began on the evening of May 1, the Qianjiang
Evening News reported, when Hangzhou Public Security officials
spot-checking vehicles at a busy intersection intercepted a
conspicuously stinky truck. The truck was found to be hauling 2,000
cats and kittens, both alive and dead. Some kittens appeared to
have been born in the transport cages. The five men in the cab had
papers indicating that they acquired the cats in Anhui province.

Inspector Tao Xiaobing of the Hangzhou Economic and
Technological Development Zone Rural Development Bureau pronounced
the condition of the cats unacceptably cruel, but in absence of
long-awaited national anti-cruelty legislation, could find no way to
impound the cats. The truck and cats were released at 1:00 a.m. on
May 2.
Alerted by television news reports that the truck was coming,
activists and local authorities intercepted it again in Yuncheng,
Jiangxi province. “The ending was glorious, as activists were
finally able to rescue the cats,” e-mailed People4ChineseAnimals.
Details, unfortunately, were still unavailable as the June 2011
edition of ANIMAL PEOPLE went to press.
The rescuers reportedly formed the Zhejiang Animal Protection
Association on May 9, as umbrella for 14 smaller groups with
combined membership of more than 100 people.

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