Is South Africa phasing out sow stalls?

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2011:
CAPE TOWN– South African Pork Producers Organisation
officers indicated to news media twice in the first two months of
2011 that sow gestation stalls are to be phased out–but Compassion
in World Farming national representative Tozie Zokufa has yet to get
SAPPO to confirm the planned phase-out directly to him.
Zokufa became hopeful when SAPPO chief executive Simon
Streicher e-mailed to the Beeld newspaper in January that South
African pig producers are beginning “the gradual phasing out of sow
crates,” and that “SAPPO supports the phasing out of crates in a
reasonable and realistic time frame.”

“When I telephoned him,” recounted Zokufa, “and introduced
myself in order to find out the phase-out period envisaged for South
African sows, following his email to Beeld, he put the phone down
after politely wishing me a good day.”
In February, Zokufa said, SAPPO veterinarian Peter Evans in
a radio interview “confirmed SAPPO’s support, on animal welfare
grounds, for a phase-out of sow stalls by 2020. However,” Zokufa
noted, “SAPPO wants to keep pigs in modified sow stalls for the
first four to six weeks of their pregnancies. Modifications would
include that sows ‘could get up and lie down with ease.’ This is not
acceptable,” Zokufa said. “A phase-out is a phase-out, and
modified sow stalls are not part of the scenario in other countries
that have already banned or are phasing out sow stalls.
“As far as CIWF is concerned, sow stalls are out, modified
or not,” Zokufa emphasized, “and not in 10 years’ time, but much
sooner,” through legislative action if need be. “Please expect to
hear more from CIWF shortly,” Zokufa continued, “as we take this
Partnered with the Humane Education Trust, founded by Louise
van de Merwe of Capetown, CIWF/South Africa has campaigned against
sow stalls for more than a decade. About 130,000 sows in South
Africa produce about 2.6 million pigs for slaughter per year,
according to CIWF.

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