Animal Obituaries

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2011:

Kaankata, 35, an Indian rhino who lost an ear to a
poacher’s bullet and afterward charged humans on sight, died
peaceably in Orang National Park on February 16, 2011. Kaankata
once destroyed a forestry official’s car, and another time chased a
poacher for two kilometers, division forest officer Sushil Daila
told The Telegraph, of Kolkata.

Anapka, 18, a female donkey who survived being parasailed
as a promotional stunt for a private beach near the Sea of Asov in
southern Russia in July 2010, died in December 2010 at the farm
near Moscow where she was taken in August 2010 to enjoy a quiet
retirement after her ordeal, which ended with a crash landing in the
Chloe, a German shepherd who was rescued by a New York City
police scuba diver in January 2011 after falling into the Hudson
River from her guardian’s docked yacht, was killed in a February 3,
2011 fire that razed the same yacht, the Quid Pro Quo. Chloe’s
person, Mark Stoss, 42, suffered smoke inhalation and hypothermia,
but survived.

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