EU vs. puppy mills & cosmetic mutilation

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November/December 2010:


Brussels–Moving to regulate puppy mills, promote pet
identification, and to prohibit devocalization, declawing,
ear-cropping, and tail-docking, the Council of the European Union
on November 29, 2010 formally asked the European Commission to
“study the differences between the measures taken by the member
states regarding the breeding of and EU trade in dogs and cats and,
if appropriate, to prepare policy options for the harmonization of
the internal market.”

The Council resolution called upon the European Commission to
present “options for facilitating compatible systems of
identification and registration of dogs and cats; a specific
proposal to restrict the exhibition of dogs and cats having undergone
a non-curative surgical intervention (not aimed at preventing
reproduction) and the trade in these animals; to promote and support
education concerning responsible dog and cat ownership, and to
support national information campaigns on the negative impact of
non-curative surgical interventions on the welfare of dogs and cats.”
The Council noted similar recommendations made by the
Organization for Animal Health (known by the French acronym OIE),
the Council of Europe, and as a part of the Universal Declaration on
Animal Welfare, promoted by the World Society for the Protection of

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