12 years for dragging horse

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, November/December 2010:


SAN JUAN, P.R.– Georgenan Lopez, 24, the first person
to be convicted at a jury trial under the Puerto Rican felony cruelty
law passed in August 2008, was in November 2010 sentenced to serve
12 years in prison for dragging a mare behind a truck.
“Judge Jose Montijo told Lopez he had an attitude problem,
did not communicate well with people, and noted that the accused
faced burglary and drug charges previously,” wrote Danica Coto of
Associated Press.
Defense attorney Julian Claudio pledged to appeal the
sentence. Puerto Rican bar association president Osvaldo Toledo
called the length of the sentence a dangerous precedent, and said he
would seek legislative review of the penalties provided by the law.
Surviving the dragging, the mare now lives at a sanctuary in
northeastern Puerto Rico.

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