BOOKS: From the Jungle to Kathmandu: Horn & Tusk Trade

From ANIMAL PEOPLE, September 2010:
(published October 5, 2010)

From the Jungle to Kathmandu: Horn & Tusk Trade
Esmond Bradley Martin
Wildlife Watch Group
(20-Pulchowk, Machaagal, Lalitpur, Nepal), 2010.
186 pages, paperback.
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From the Jungle to Kathmandu anthologizes Kenyan wildlife traffic
investigator Esmond Bradley Martin’s previously published
investigations of rhino horn and elephant ivory poaching and
trafficking in Nepal, 1979-2008–the last decades of the former
hereditary dynastic government and first years of an elected
coalition government including leaders of a Maoist insurgency that
supported itself in part by selling rhino horn and elephant ivory.
Along the way Martin, formerly United Nations special envoy for
rhino conservation, refutes the common belief that rhino horn is
coveted in Asia for alleged aphrodisiacal properties.

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